id title status type target operations
7 SentiPers: a sentiment analysis corpus for Persian published conference -
8 Rasayel & Massayel published conference -
9 Degarbayan: Developing a Persian Paraphrase Corpus using Crowdsourcing published journal -
10 An efficient method for automatic morphological abnormality detection from human sperm images published journal -
11 A novel method for predicting kidney stone type using ensemble learning published journal -

Guilan NLP Group

Natural Language Processing Group of Guilan University was founded in February 2014, and publicized its activities shortly after by launching its own official website.The NLP group aims at, conducting novel research work, sharing the results of such efforts with those interested both inside the country and abroad, and providing a platform to exchange ideas with fellows in academia and industry. These efforts are in accord with broader efforts of the Department of Computer Engineering of the Guilan University in establishing itself as a center of excellence in research and innovation.