Dr. Seyed AbolGhasem Mirroshandel
I'm an associate professor in computer engineering department at university of Guilan.
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I graduated with a BS in computer engineering from the ECE school of University of Tehran in 2005 and then graduated with an MS in computer engineering from the Sharif University of Technology in 2007. My master thesis was dedicated to unsupervised grammar induction.

I finished my first Ph.D. program in the NLP Lab of the Department of Computer Engineering at Sharif University of Technology in 2012. My thesis title was "Temporal Relation Learning between Events". My advisor was Dr. GholamReze Ghassem-Sani.

I also finished my second Ph.D. program at Aix-Marseille Université under supervision of Dr. Alexis Nasr in 2015. My thesis title was "Towards Less Supervision in Dependency Parsing".

My research interests include natural language processing, data mining, and machine learning; more information, including education info and publications, can be found at research, publications. You can also visit our NLP group at nlp.guilan.ac.ir

Research Projects

Below is a list of some of the research projects that I am, or have been, involved with.

  • Large coverage probabilistic syntactic parsing of French.
  • Temporal Relation Learning
  • Summarization for Persian
  • Sentiment Analysis for Persian
  • Q&A for Persian
  • Data Mining Algorithms and Applications
  • Past
  • Unsupervised Grammar Induction for Persian
  • Syntactic Parsing of Persian
  • Persian Multi-Document Summarizer
  • Relation Extraction of Text Entities
    • Javad Pourmostafa

      Presenting a System of Sentiment Analysis by using Deep Learning Techniques

    • Reihane Kamali

      Designing a Recommender System based on Users' Comments in YouTube

    • Niloofar Sayadi

      Morphometric evaluation of two-pronucleus zygote (2PN) images using Machine learning and Image processing techniques

    • Hossein Kharazi

      Creating an interactive environment between customer and vendor in mobile platform

    • Amin Mohammadian

      Prediction of respiratory attacks process considering climate condition based on data mining techniques

    • Hajar Torabi

      Designing a Text Summarizer System

    • Roudabeh Ghomi

      Evaluation image mining techniques in content-based retrieval

    • Mohammad Mojrian

      An Automatic Text Summarization System using Evolutionary Algorithms

    • Sadaf RazaviNezhad

      Applying Deep Learning Algorithms for Time Series Prediction

    • Mohammad MolaKazemi

      Transition-based Dependency Parsing with Backtracking

    • Mohammad AliPour

      Transition-based Dependency Parsing Applying Evolutionary Algorithm

    • Payam Sadeghi

      Evaluation of Influencing Factors in the Success of E-learning of Students in Smart Schools

    • Yasaman Kazemi

      Employing data mining techniques to diagnose and predict kidney diseases

    • Shima Mehrabi

      Natural language processing using artificial neural networks

    • Shima Mehrabi

      Natural language processing using artificial neural networks

    • Mohammad Fallah

      Lung Cancer Detection using Data Mining Techniques

    • Rahman GhasemPour

      Evaluation of machine learning algorithms in image processing

    • Pedram Hosseini

      Developing a Sentiment Analysis System for Persian

    • Maryam MousaviFar

      Using Active Learning for Detection Intrusion in Computer Network

    • Atefeh GhahremaniFar

      Using Text Mining Techniques Keyword Extraction

    • Yaseman Boreshban

      Providing a Question Answering System for Natural Language

    • Reza MaaniJoo

      Providing a Semantic Similarity Measurement System for Text Documents

    • Parisa Ghorbani Koochak

      Data Mining for Big Data

    • Ali Gorji

      modeling gene regulatory network using data mining techniques

    • Ramin Safa

      Designing a Personalized Recommender System in Scientific Bases

    • Saeid Mahboubi

      Active learning using in data mining

    • Sajad Soroori

      Applying Deep Learning for Event Extraction from Text

    • Elnaz Mazaheri

      Using Social Networks to Improve Customer Relationship Management

    • Naeem Falaki

      Detecting Behavioral Patterns of Non-Technical Losses in Power Distribution by Applying Data Mining Techniques

    • Morteza Safari

      Designing a Product Recommender System in E-commerce

    • Ehsan Mokhtari

      intelligence advertising using data mining techniques

    • Parivash Javidi

      Effective Feature Selection for Classification Process Using Evolutionary algorithm

    • Ali Vahid RoudSari

      Word Sense Disambiguation in Natural Language Processing

    Room No. 207
    Department of Computer Engineering
    Faculty of Engineering, University of Guilan
    Rasht, Iran
    P.O. Box: 1841
    •  mirroshandel@guilan.ac.ir
    • ghasem.mirroshandel@lif.univ-mrs.fr
    • mirroshandel@gmail.com
    ​​​​​​​ (+98) 13 33690274-6 Ext.3193